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Male Grooming

Men! Its time to look after yourself and we are here to help. We have put together a good range of treatments which we feel will ease your tension, relax you and make you feel and look a whole lot better!

Dermalogica ® Treatments

Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial

A deep cleanse followed by exfoliating scrub and extractions. The subsequent massage is certain to release tension and stress. The application of a soothing masque will balance and hydrate your skin. You will leave with a customised treatment regime designed to help alleviate shaving bumps and irritation.

60 Mins


Dermalogica Sports Facial

A comprehensive skin consultation will lead to a customised deep cleansing and exfoliating scrub. While pressure points massage with essential oils balances the skin. For more information please see our Main Dermalogica® page here

45 Mins


Hands and Feet Treatments

Hands Manicure

Hands are exfoliated, then massaged with hydrating oils. Nails are trimmed and cuticles nourished. We also offer a manicure with a mask and heated mittens for extra conditioning.

For softer hands and clean nails


With heated mittens for extra conditioning


Feet Pedicure

Feet are soaked in a foot spa, cleansed and scrubbed. The nails are trimmed and cuticles nourished, lastly for tired aching feet, a relaxing massage.

For tired, aching, rough feet


With mask and heated booties for extra conditioning.


Male Waxing

Male Waxing Treatments

We offer a full waxing service for men so please take a look at our list to decide what you want doing.

• We do have other waxing available upon request.
• We offer reductions on combination of areas to be waxed.

Whole back


Half back


With shoulders (additional)


Full arms


Chest from








Threading available from



Therapeutic Sports Massage

Relieves knotted tight muscles, aids in the removal of toxins, relieves muscle soreness, promotes early recovery from training and injury, improves muscle tone, stimulates circulation (Deep tissue massage and use of infrared lamp). If you would like to know more about this treatment and the positive effects then do get in touch with us.

30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


Indian Head Massage

Pressure point massage techniques used on the scalp, shoulders, neck, face, ears and upper back. Benefits include relief from tension, headaches, stress and anxiety, muscular stiffness, improved concentration and a feeling of relaxation and calm.

1 session


Body Treatments

Reflexology Treatment

1 session


Course of 6 Treatments (recommended)


Reflexology is a natural, effective complimentary therapy for all ages. There are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to organ systems and structures in the body. Using pressure techniques, blockages can be released, encouraging the body to restore its natural balance and promote a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Detoxifying Sea Mud Wrap

1 session


With foliation


Known as Power Recovery as well. You choose from an intense wrap therapy dedicated to nourishing the skin or a wrap that stimulates circulation whilst promoting all over toning.

Back Purification Treatment

60 Mins


It’s a facial for the back! Ideal for clients suffering with skin congestion on the back, breakouts and uneven skin texture.

Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy

1 session


Polish skin to a soft glow while providing critical hydration and nourishment.

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